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Rogue Machine Theatre
the West Coast Premiere of

Directed by
Lisa James

Emily James
Patrick Stafford

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn, Justin Okin and Jennifer Pollono

by Kim Davies

Running Time: Smoke runs approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. The production features adult content, adult language and intense sexual situations.
Lighting Design: Dan Weingarten
Sound Design: Christopher Moscatiello
Costume Design: Marissa Maynes
Technical Director: David Mauer
Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Michelle Hanzelova
Fight Choreographer: Matthew Glave
Production Manager: Amanda Bierbauer

“You know you get to choose what happens to you, right?”

That’s what John tells Julie when they meet by accident at a kink-play party in New York City. She’s an aspiring college dropout living in the shadow of her famous artist parents; he’s her father’s intern, and the two instantly connect. But with ambitions bared, knives out, and sex an open question, their encounter pushes both of them further than they ever thought they’d go.

June 1st:
Ready Steady...
July 6th:
American Saga...
June 10th:
Rant & Rave
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Gone Rogue!
Director Lisa James effectively ratchets the suspense by underlining the ever-present potential for real violence in her confident and charged production.

LA Weekly

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