Rogue Machine Theatre
the World Premiere of

by Daphne Malfitano

Directed by
Mark St. Amant

Darrell Larson and Timothy Walker
Alternate for Stephen:
Ben Campbell

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and Jennifer Pollono

Running Time: Paternus runs approximately 45 minutes with no intermission. 
Sound Design: Brendan Han
Property Design: David Combs
Production Manager: Amanda Mauer
Technical Director: David Mauer
Stage Manager: Jennifer McHugh
Assistant Director: Catriona Fray

A relentless snowstorm strands father and son with only their RV for protection. Survival plans become paramount, temperatures drop, and food begins to run out as this powerful and gripping situation burrows below the surface of their relationship…during what might become their final days together.


Director Mark St. Amant inspires great work from his cast, and he stages the piece with graceful simplicity. Malfitano’s play features an intriguing situation and a familial relationship that makes the work more compelling still.

- Stage Raw       

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