Rogue Machine Theatre
the World Premiere of

Directed by
Bart DeLorenzo

Tim Cummings, Corryn Cummins, and Lucas Near-Verbrugghe​
Alternates: Jeff Lorch and Peter James Smith

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn

by Jonathan Carten

Scenic Design: Stephanie Kerley Schwartz
Lighting Design: 
Chu-Hsuan Chang
Sound Design: 
John Zalewski
Costume Design: 
EB Brooks
Property Master:
Bethany Tucker
Stage Manager:
Daniel Coronel
Assistant Director:
Ilana Rozin
Technical Director:
David Mauer
Production Manager:
Amanda Mauer
Violence Design:
 Ned Mochel

Running Time: Need to Know runs approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. 
Lilly and Steven are smart, talented and charming. Their new neighbor is not. After moving into a new apartment, they meet the man they now share a wall with — Mark Manners, an aspiring fiction writer and longtime tenant of the building. Lilly and Steven proceed to Google-stalk Mark and have a field day mocking his website … only to realize the walls are thin. Did he hear everything they said about him? When they try to resolve the newfound tension, it escalates in ways none of them could ever predict.


Caren…keeps surprises and red herrings in constant churn while having a high time with a symbolic pair of fish in a bowl. Director-about-town Bart DeLorenzo releases the situation’s ample humor while simultaneously building tension, relaxing it, then ratcheting it still higher.

- LA Times       

[read the entire review here]

The world premiere production by Rogue Machine Theatre is both entertaining and moving, brought to life by a superb trio of actors… Playwright Caren has constructed a play that isn’t quite a thriller or a comedy but something that beautifully combines strong elements of both.
- Stage Raw       

It is [a comedy], and one of the funniest in town, though Caren’s ever-darkening script does eventually allow all three actors to show off their dramatic chops… DeLorenzo knows just how far to take the comedy (and the sex) while keeping suspense high and characters believable, and in this he is aided and abetted by a couldn’t-be-better cast.

- StageScene LA       

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