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Rogue Machine Theatre
the Los Angeles Premiere of

Directed by
Gregg T. Daniel

Tasha Ames, Ron Bottitta, Matthew Hancock, Christian Henley, James Liebman, Burl Moseley, Bruce Nozick, and Inger Tudor

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and Amanda Mauer

by Greg Kalleres

Scenic Design: Stephanie Kerley Schwartz
Lighting Design: Dan Weingarten
Costume Design: Naila Aladdin Sanders
Sound Desig: Jeff Gardner
Projection Design: Nicholas E. Santiago
Stage Manager: Ramon Valdez
Assistant Director: Summer Grubaugh
Technical Director: David Mauer
Production Manager: Amanda Mauer
Casting Director: Victoria Hoffman
Graphic Design: Zach Zecha

Running Time: Honky runs approximately 95 minutes with no intermission. The production features adult content, adult language, flashing lights, and some loud sounds.
When a young African American is shot for a pair of basketball shoes, sales triple among white teens. Are ghetto-glorifying commercials to blame for the violence, or are they just part of a smart, targeted marketing plan? Luckily, there’s a new pill for sale, guaranteed to cure racism. Taking a satiric look at the symbiotic relationship between bigotry and commercialism, Honky is a comedy about navigating the murky waters of race, rhetoric and athletic footwear.
June 1st:
Ready Steady...
July 6th:
American Saga...
June 10th:
Rant & Rave
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Gone Rogue!
This sharply written, smartly performed Rogue Machine production deftly skewers PC platitudes and self-delusions on both sides of the black-white racial divide.… Gregg T. Daniel’s staging keeps it laugh-out-loud funny even when airing uncomfortable truths.

LA Times

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Under extraordinarily savvy direction by Gregg T. Daniel, no actor sets a foot wrong, confrontations crackle, and the rather ambitious scope of the play’s examination of its subject remains clear and precise.

Stage Raw

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