Rogue Machine Theatre
the LA Premiere of

by Rajiv Joseph

Directed by
Larissa Kokernot

Brad Fleischer and Jules Willcox
Alternates: Ryan Mulkay and Tania Verafield

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn and David Mauer

Running Time: Gruesome Playground Injuries runs approximately 80 minutes with no intermission. 
Scenic Design: David Mauer
Lighting Design: Dan Weingarten
Sound Design: Colin Wambsgans
Costume Design: Halei Parker
Property Design: Jennifer McHugh
Stage Manager: Ramón Valdez
Assistant Directors: Ivan Rivas and Jamie Wollrab

Production Manager: Amanda Mauer
Charting the intersections of two lives over the course of 30 years, the manipulations of their relationship, and the cumulative damage of the wounds inflicted, intimacy may never have looked so familiar.


In the play's microscopic study of the big theme of why people hurt themselves and others, the production is so funny and harrowingly truthful, it's a revelation.

- LA Weekly        

[read the entire review here]

Good thought-provoking theater… Director Larissa Kokernot has done a stellar job, creatively moving the audience through the 30 years of the characters lives.

- The Los Angeles Post       

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