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Los Angeles Premiere
Written by Sheila Callaghan | Directed by Larry Biederman

Friday, July 21, 8:00 PM
Thursday, July 27, 8:00 PM
Sunday, July 30, 7:00 PM

We Are Not These Hands follows the chaotic journey of two fifteen year old girls, Moth and Belly. They reside in a dystopian society where filth is abundant, the addiction to consumerism and porn is incessant, and violence is normal. But, they have each other— a relationship bound by struggle, love, and a slew of inside jokes. Their dream is to get “cross the river” to the capitalist society where Belly’s family lives and where an ostensible future exists, but this proves more difficult with every effort. Then, they meet their key to the golden city—Leather, an outcast that has just moved from the capitalist society. As the girls pursue Leather, he takes a liking to them, and the journey veers in unconceivable directions.

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World Premiere
Written & performed by Ava Bogle | Directed by Rachel Avery

Sunday, July 23, 7:00 PM
Wednesday, July 26, 8:00 PM
Friday, July 28, 8:00 PM

In this hilarious, irreverent and sexy one-woman show, five aliens preparing to leave earth muse on the question: can the clitoris save humanity?

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June 1st:
Ready Steady...
July 6th:
American Saga...
June 10th:
Rant & Rave
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