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Rogue Machine Theatre
the West Coast Premiere of

Directed by
Guillermo Cienfuegos

Corey Dorris and Josh Zuckerman

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn

by Greg Keller

Scenic Design: David Mauer
Lighting Design: Ric Zimmerman
Sound Design: Christopher Moscatiello
Costume Design: Christine Cover Ferro
Stage Manager: Ramón Valdez
Assistant Stage Manager: Taylor Cullen
Production Manager: Amanda Mauer
New York City, 1992. Los Angeles is still smoldering and the Crown Heights riots, less than a year old, still hurt. A chance encounter will lead two young men into a head-on confrontation in a story that goes from Rockefeller Center to 145th St. and everywhere in-between. Dutch Masters is a piercingly insightful comedy-drama that illuminates the continuing problems of race in America.


...they deliver what is frankly one of the most impressive scene changes I’ve ever witnessed in a theater space of any magnitude.

- Stage Raw       

[read the entire review here]

Director Guillermo Cienfuegos’ pacing builds tension with masterful assurance, while David Mauer’s jaw-dropping set transformations effortlessly segue from graffiti-laced subway car to urban streets to an intricately detailed interior for the emotional steamroller finale...
- LA Times       

May 13th:
Rant & Rave
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