Rogue Machine Theatre
the World Premiere of

by Katherine Cortez

Directed by
Elina de Santos

Dylan Arnold, Larry Pointdexter, Tania Verafield, Ethan Rains, Rachel Sorsa, Karen White

Produced by
Heather L. Tyler

An apocalyptic event in an LGBT nightclub changes everything; love becomes hate, hate becomes love.

A world premiere play by Katherine Cortez, inspired by a collision of events: growing up in an Orlando with no openly gay nightclubs; witnessing family friends hiding in shadows and losing lives to AIDS before it had a name; completing the AIDS LifeCycle ride; and The Pulse night club shooting on the eve of LA PRIDE.
The play reflects on how fundamentalist belief systems can give a perverse inspiration to the execution of hate in the name of "love." Exploring our duality as human beings – a paradoxical species capable of both violence and its opposite – the play challenges audiences to examine our darker parts in order to integrate the shadow and move towards the light, transforming hate into love.

Running Time: In the Valley of the Shadow runs approximately 65 minutes with no intermission.
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