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Rogue Machine Theatre
the World Premiere of

​​by John Pollono

 Directed by 
Elina de Santos 

Laura Gardner, Melissa Paladino, Patrick Flanagan, Richard Fancy, Suzanne Ford, Edward Tournier, Jack Maxwell​

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn

Running Time: Running Time: One hour 45 minutes, one intermission

Assistant Director: Roger Q. Mason
Set Designer: Stephen Gifford
Lighting Designer: Leigh Allen
Costume Designer: Dennis Ballard
Associate Producer: Brennan Parks
Stage Manager: Amanda Bierbauer

​ 20 years ago, Deano Goretti left a life of crime to start over in a quiet Maine town with a new wife and a new son. When his buried past comes knocking on his door, the two worlds suddenly collide with a vengeance. The plot twists and turns like a snake moving towards a hypnotized rat in John Pollono’s dark comedy about fathers and sins. Elina deSantos directs this World Premiere production for Rogue Machine.

February 24:
El Niño
February 26:
Rant & Rave
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Gone Rogue!
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Vivid, moving and often hilarious… “Razorback” announces Rogue Machine as one of the most ambitious and accomplished new theater companies in L.A.


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