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Venue address: 
The MET Theatre, 1089 N. Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Mailing address: 

12405 Venice Blvd, #153, Los Angeles, CA 90066

(855) 585-5185

Amanda Bierbauer, Production Manager, roguemachineproduction(at)

Playwrights & literary agents: 
For details on submitting a play for consideration,  click here .

For press inquiries: 
Please e-mail our publicist Judith Borne

If you are interested in company membership, please e-mail membership(at)

Note: Rogue Machine membership is NOT required to audition for our productions. We post all our open roles on Actors Access; anyone can submit through there. Membership is only for those who want to volunteer their time and labor, see and promote all our shows, and truly become part of the Rogue Machine community.
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February 24:
El Niño
February 26:
Rant & Rave
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