Rogue Machine Theatre
the West Coast Premiere of

by Daisy Foote

Directed by
Elina de Santos

Tracie Lockwood, Marco Naggar, Ann Colby Stocking and Tara Windley

Produced by
John Perrin Flynn, Matthew Elkins & Diane Alayne Baker

Set Design: Mark Guirguis
Lighting Design: Leigh Allen
Sound Design: Chris Moscatiello 
Stage Manager: Ramon Valdez
Assistant Director: William Torres 
Assistant Stage Manager: Priscilla Miranda 
Stage Management Consultant: Victoria Watson
Production Manager: Amanda Mauer

Running Time: Bhutan runs approximately 70 minutes with no intermission.

Bhutan follows a New England family’s ups and downs after the death of their father. Frances Conroy wonders how she ended up here. Her mother is driving her crazy. Her aunt is stalking a married man. Her brother is in prison. She dreams of Bhutan but can barely find the kitchen door.


...they deliver what is frankly one of the most impressive scene changes I’ve ever witnessed in a theater space of any magnitude.

- Stage Raw       

[read the entire review here]

Director Guillermo Cienfuegos’ pacing builds tension with masterful assurance, while David Mauer’s jaw-dropping set transformations effortlessly segue from graffiti-laced subway car to urban streets to an intricately detailed interior for the emotional steamroller finale...
- LA Times       

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